Why Learn NSR?

Photo of a smiling man (stock photo © Karen Struthers)
Everyone wants to enjoy life more. Some people have stressful jobs or stressful home life and would like nothing better than to be able to wash away that stress every day. Others feel they lack mental energy or direction. Still others have no such problems, but would like greater fulfillment in personal relationships, to work more creatively or productively, or feel more fulfilled in life.

We can only really enjoy life when we have inner strength and peace. Just as a contractor would build downward, constructing subbasements, in order to build a tall skyscraper, we should retire from physical and mental activity for a few minutes in order to gain strength in thought and action over the course of an entire day.

The relationship of NSR to the rest of your life is this: NSR washes away stress and purifies the nervous system. This makes perception in daily life clearer and richer and makes our activity more effective and enjoyable.