Scientific Research

Experimental curve showing dramatic increase in galvanic skin resistance during the practice of NSR The late Dr. Fabrizio Coppola, former president of Istituto Scientia in Italy, performed electroencephalograph studies and galvanic skin response studies (see typical graph of GSR at left) on practitioners of Natural Stress Relief that show dramatic physiological effects from this form of deep meditation. NSR leads the mind and body to a unique state of restful alertness that improves many areas of life through the systematic elimination of abnormality and stored stress.

In this state of restful alertness, the mind experiences a deep state of pure consciousness, the unbounded source of all thoughts. The body naturally follows the mind, entering a deep state of rest, deeper than that of deep sleep. All of this happens in just a few minutes, naturally and effortlessly. This unique state of deep rest allows the body to heal itself, gradually removing the damaging effects of a lifetime of stress.

Ongoing research on NSR has focused so far on assessing the large and statistically significant reduction in anxiety in the first two weeks of practice through psychological assessment instruments administered to ever larger groups of practitioners.

Future research will investigate the reduction in anger, improved sleep, increased field autonomy, faster reaction time, enhanced interpersonal harmony, increased productivity, innovation, harmony, and efficiency in the workplace, increased speed and comprehension in learning, and the many positive systemic health effects of reducing inner stress through the regular practice of NSR.

Published Research on NSR

In August, 2007, we published a "pilot" technical paper with our some of our early research results concerning the reduction of anxiety in practitioners of Natural Stress Relief in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Psychological Reports. An official reprint is available from us at low cost (click on Order Form above), or you may find this article in libraries or order directly from the publisher.

Effects of Natural Stress Relief Meditation on Trait Anxiety: A Pilot Study, Fabrizio Coppola, Istituto Scientia, in Psychological Reports, August, 2007, vol. 101, pages 130-134. Click here for abstract

In May, 2009, we published some of our later research confirming the dramatic reduction of anxiety and an increase in the set of psychological effects known as self-actualization.

Natural stress relief meditation as a tool for reducing anxiety and increasing self-actualization, Fabrizio Coppola, PhD, and David Spector, in Social Behavior and Personality: an International Journal, May, 2009, 37(3), pages 307-312. Click here for abstract

We invite independent researchers to contact us concerning the advantages of doing research on NSR, particularly the ease, standardization, and low cost of the learning procedure.

And we invite everyone to learn, so they can enjoy life more each in his or her individual way.