Order and Client Policies

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Policy On Privacy and Security

All information you give us (even your name) is kept completely private by storing it off the Internet on a secure computer. We never share information with other parties, except as required by law. We never sell mailing lists to other companies. We do not opt-in our clients to receive mailings, newsletters, or other spam. We never reveal information about our clients to other clients or the general public. Never.

Your financial information is handled by PayPal under secure encryption. PayPal will not reveal your bank account or credit card information, even to us.

Policy Concerning Gifts

In general, we do not permit your giving the NSR learning materials as a gift, even to close family members.

The solution is simple: ask the recipient to complete their own form. If you would like to pay on their behalf, please pay recipients directly instead of involving us.

These rules work well in practice. Thank you for following them.

The reasons for this policy are the following problems we had in the past, when we allowed giving NSR as a gift:

Policy Concerning Your Name

You must provide your full, correct, and complete name. Note that we keep this information private.

The reason is to provide better support for you when needed in the future.

Policy Concerning Email Addresses

You must provide a correct and permanent email address that delivers email directly and privately to you. The address you give us must not block spam (unwanted) email, because such systems frequently malfunction, so you never get important email from us in response to problems with your order or questions you may send us. Note that we keep this information private and that we do not send regular newsletters, advertisements, or other spam.

The reason is to provide better support for you when needed in the future.