It may seem that these many testimonials are too good to be true. After all, NSR is self-taught from an inexpensive course in only three days. Yet the knowledge is specific, powerful, and effective, providing a lifetime of increasing freedom from stress.

These testimonials are actual unsolicited experiences of people who have learned this natural, simple, enjoyable, and refreshing mental technique.

Beaming With Joy

"I've completed the process of learning NSR using the provided CD and workbook and I'm absolutely beaming with joy. I just had to reach out to tell you that upon finishing my final lesson I felt overwhelming relief and actually started to tear up. The progress in just those three days was truly astounding. I've suffered from OCD, anxiety, depression and intermittent insomnia for almost two decades; after learning NSR I feel better than I have, maybe ever? I'm already finding real life applications of this progress, I've found that things that used to snap me into rage no longer do. I've noticed while driving or walking that I'm in the moment, able to just feel a sense of calmness and pleasantness that used to be filled with distracting thoughts, worries and stresses. I realize I am only at the beginning of this journey, and I look forward to have it permanently part of my life, I look forward to every session."

Noah R.
Maine, USA

Later: Depression, OCD, ADHD Have All Subsided

"A profound deep silence settles down after a while which is beyond my description, just inner peace and contentment beyond time. I see the vast infinite field of nothingness, I see myself as a comic silent witness outside of our universe. During the practice my awareness is characterized by bliss, light and liveliness, dynamic silence. A high frequency vibration and flow, but also an unmoving quality.

"These are wonderful, they resonate with me, and I've also felt glimpses of this in my waking life now that my depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD have all subsided and I live life with clarity for the first time, no longer associating my thoughts as my self, but having the feeling of being part of a bigger Self, that we all are, that is everything. No more seeking, but realizing that we are happiness and that it's been here the whole time, only masked by stress and worries of the past/future."

Noah R.
Maine, USA

Many Struggles Have Disappeared

"I have been meditating every day for 6 months as of today. I have never missed a day or even a session. I can't tell you how much my meditation practice has done for me, but it feels life-changing. I will say that as I've meditated through the months, it has opened up to me more and more. I find it very easy to do, and I just slip into a zone shortly after starting each session. I feel happier overall, and many things I was struggling with seemed to have disappeared."

Brian V.
California, USA

NSR Eliminated My Anxiety

"I have been meditating for nearly 2 years, consistently, twice a day. Through experiencing the fourth state of consciousness on a regular basis, I've been able to work through a lifetime's worth of trauma. That trauma presented itself in my waking life in the forms of debilitating anxiety, depression, OCD and ADD-like thinking and behavior.

"Fast forward 2 years and my life has become one filled with joy, effortlessness, increased empathy for others, and a host of other positive changes. I find that I naturally gravitate to doing more worthwhile activities in my waking life, including regular exercise, socializing, creating music, reading, and finding joy even in my day job, the latter being something I previously found impossible to do.

"This technique is an absolute game changer. Seeing how impactful stress can be in my own life, and now seeing the regular absence of it, I'm convinced stress really is the number one killer. I only hope more people will stumble across NSR; I think anyone would benefit from it."

Jason W..
Tennessee, USA

Life is Simpler

"I have been practicing since April 29th, and I want to let you know it has been a suprisingly great experience with most fantastic results: whatever sadness I felt is gone, my metabolism is slowing down and I am slowly loosing weight, my bursts of impatience are quieting, getting out of bed became a piece of cake and I feel that life is not so complicated anymore. Thanks so much, never did I spent my money in such a good way. If there is something I can do to help, please let me know."

Paula S.
Colorado, USA

Haven't Missed a Single Session

"Thank you so much for organizing the Zoom meetings. I'm so happy about them and always learn something new. I'm now on my 12th year with NSR and haven't missed a single session for many years."

Claudia C.
Stockholm, Sweden

It Worked Like a Charm

"I used your method 7 years ago and it worked like a charm. Nothing I had tried previously had allowed me to enter a meditative state. The mind-state and attitude preparation that the book set up before meditating was just what I needed. I'm still meditating every day. Thank you so much."

John U.
Illinois, USA

Stress at Work

"NSR has been one of the most important tools I have come to use in my field. Working in public safety/ law enforcement brings with it a whole new type of stress on top of the average day to day stresses of life. It has been the key to me being able to have a clear and level headed mind in some of the most high stress situations I have experienced in my life.

"By practicing once in the morning it helps to set the tone and foundation of the day and the evening practice allows me to discard what I may have dealt with throughout the job allowing me to not only function at high levels but to function and be totally present as a husband and father.

"NSR has been a total game changer in how life is approached. It’s effortlessness and calm carries over into all of my daily activities and life itself with all of its complexities seems to also run effortlessly and smoothly. Thank you David for all you are doing!"

Josh W.
California, USA

Easier Meditation and Better Sleep

"I had to laugh when I got to page 4 [of the NSR Manual] and read [about] all the other techniques, because I had tried and spent money on several of them. Just did my first week review. I was astounded at the difference in my answers from just a week ago! Simply amazing, even when I think I'm not doing it right, I'm doing it right.

"In less than two weeks, I no longer use sleeping pills. Even though I still wake in the night, I am able to go back to sleep with little effort and all the thoughts that kept me awake before are seemingly unimportant. That does not mean all my troubles have magically disappeared, but the way I think about them has drastically changed.

"Thank you for making this available at a price that most can afford!!!"

Ruth R.
North Carolina, USA

Resilience to Adversity and Conflict

"Before NSR, it seemed like every little setback had the potential to be the end of the world. I saw that there was always someTHING not working the way I wanted it to (a tool, a vehicle, a computer, MY OWN BRAIN, etc.), I’d get stressed, then angry (oh, SO angry), and then depressed.

"Then as I began REALLY learning NSR (and subsequently getting help in the form of email and phone consultations), I began to accept that what was happening during my sessions was exactly what I needed to be happening during my sessions, whatever that may be. My mind began to settle down with increasing swiftness as I sat down to meditate, and then I began feeling actually refreshed afterward. Then, an odd echo of that calmness began taking over whenever I’d run into a problem in my day-to-day routine. I didn’t see any evidence of the things around me changing, so if those things had begun working out better for me, the change must be happening IN ME. I began to see that (after some correction to my practice – thank you again for those lessons) accepting things as they were but with a slightly different, more accepting perspective yielded exponentially better results. What worked for my sessions was working for my life.

"The same basic principle applies to the interactions with the people in my life. Where, instead of somethings, it was someBODYS not acting the way I wanted them to (not listening to or not respecting what I had to say, judging my efforts unnecessarily harshly, setting themselves against me for seemingly arbitrary of spiteful reasons, etc.) As I learned to accept the thoughts that would run through my head during my sessions as necessary parts of stress release and not hindrances to transcending, I began accepting people for who they were in their own right, and not as hindrances to my happiness or productivity. I began calmly and innocently taking people at their word more often instead of assuming they were merely conspiring to make me miserable. As I began actually listening to each individual I dealt with day in and day out -- trying to see things from their perspective, accepting that they were simply trying their best just as I was -- it seemed they were reciprocating. People actually began working with me the ways I always wanted them to, or at least, far more often than they did before.

"On top of these two main categories, there have been other changes in my life since I started with NSR: I rarely ever procrastinate anymore, I follow through on things I promise, I even started eating better, working out regularly, and cut way back on my caffeine and nicotine intake (the latter having dropped off precipitously more recently). Additionally, and I know this may sound odd, I don’t get physically lost as much as I used to (though I suppose I can’t specifically credit NSR for that – or can I?).

"I realize that attributing all this to two fifteen-minute sessions a day may sound like a stretch, but I truly think that it was NSR that laid the foundations for my new way of thinking/acting, and, so subsequently, I feel justified in construing pretty much everything about my current situation as benefits from that practice."

Dave T.
Missouri, USA


"I was able to 'work' my way effortlessly through the personal instructions and my first 6 sessions. During my sixth session, I started crying for a brief moment. It was a very pleasurable and profound experience, and brought SUCH relief! Plus, after every session I naturally feel like yawning and stretching, which to me is definite proof of the deep and rejuvenating state of rest I must achieve during this form of meditation.

"In my daily life I have already noticed significant changes as well. Today, my first day after the 3-day course, has been the most positive, peaceful, joyful and productive day in months. And this is only the beginning of a long-yearned-for journey home. I feel like I have finally found the knowledge and means to a happy and fulfilled life.

"This course has helped me gain confidence in a correct practice based on a solid foundation, and a correct understanding of what is happening while we meditate, and why it is so vital for us. And any further questions are usually answered within 24 hours on the free forum.

"I am forever grateful for this and even now, after as little as 7 to 8 sessions, I can sense how my body, mind and heart are rejoicing.

"Thank you!"

Name withheld by request
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Focus and Calmness with Children

"Your program is a life saver.

"I work as a school Duty Relief Aide with 600 children during lunch hour. My duties range from tying shoes, opening milks, making sure kids eat, settling disputes, encouraging, looking at wiggly teeth, and giving an occasional hug.

"I love to start my mornings off with NSR meditation. It gets me focused and calm. This year my Principal gave me a superior rating based on my interaction with Parents, teachers, staff and students."

Carl G.
Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Better Relationships with Others

"It's about a year since I ordered the 'Learn NSR'.

"Just wanted to thank you for the manual, CD and two subsequent email consultations.

"It's still an absolute 'me time' pleasure that then spreads to other people I come across during the day and evening."

David B.
East Kilbride, Scotland

Calmness During a Car Accident

"Yesterday I was hit by a car. We pulled over to exchange information and wait for the police. During my wait, I had a chance to meditate and the stress melted away. I was calm, kind and concerned for the other person. Thank you for this program."

Carl G.
Arkansas, USA

Fast Elimination of Addiction

"I started practicing NSR as part of an addiction recovery plan, and it helped me greatly. I haven’t relapsed once since David Spector gave me further advice on how I can deal with my unhealthy cravings during a consultation.

"I am feeling more like my true self; I am able to connect with my friends instead of withdrawing from the conversations; sleeping more easily; thoughts and events that would overwhelm me now have much less grip over my mental state; and I have more energy to act towards my purpose on a daily basis. I am amazed at the progress I have made, and very excited to see how things will keep improving!"

Rémy R.
Paris, France

Fewer Panic Attacks, More Satisfaction

"My panic attacks got much better and I think they will disappear completely very soon. :)

"I have been practicing NSR for 8 months and so many wonderful changes have happened in my life. I feel much calmer, much more relaxed and satisfied. I am in a process of learning how to love myself and others around me. Things I was dreaming about are slowly coming into my life. Every day is like a part of a great journey to me now, and there are so many things to discover, to explore and to learn on this journey."

Name withheld by request
Braunschweig, Germany

I Had No Idea How Fast It Works

"I know that there is another address to send my experiences, but I wanted to personally thank you for the NSR experience! I had no idea how fast it could work. I have been able to use NSR with Yoga and I have already stopped using my prescriptions for pain & sleep! (It's only been 4 sessions & 1 week of Yoga.) I don't want those harmful medicines in my body & needed a change!

"I feel that my life is finally on track to be where I want to be as well as where I want to go! I look forward to my future using the NSR technique! I hope to keep in touch..."

Jennifer T.
Arizona, USA

Eliminating Drug Use

"I began doing NSR in the last week of March [2011]. Coming in, I had been a fairly heavy marijuana user for quite some time. I quickly realized that my pot use was making my sessions more difficult and I started to cut back little by little. After a few weeks I had given it up completely. My NSR sessions were so enjoyable and beneficial that the decision to discontinue using marijuana was rather easy to make.

"I've always viewed pot as a relatively harmless vice, particularly compared to other substances including alcohol. What I failed to admit to myself was that it was in fact holding me back in ways that were not clear until I began meditating. It never occurred to me that by practicing NSR I could generate within myself a sustainable joy, peace and happiness that the fleeting euphoria of being stoned can never measure up to."

Tony G.
California, USA

Deeper Relationships

"Since my girlfriend also started doing NSR, we watch in amazement how our relationship is transforming into pure joy and love. All the problems we´ve had are melting away right before our eyes, and we laugh a lot more. It´s magic happening...and I´m loving and enjoying every minute of it."

Malte T.
Büdelsdorf, Germany

Clear Thinking and Better Relationships

"Just wanted to share about my recent meditations. Don't know what's happening exactly, but I have seen myself acting different in situations where I use to get annoyed.

"My marriage has had bumpy rides for sure, and in the past it's been her temper and bad attitude that dragged me down with her; now it seems I don't even feel like reacting as before to her temper. Sure, there's marital differences like anywhere, but now I just keep on with my normal self, keep on going.

"When I noticed this, I thought it probably was other things (she has also been working to better herself), but I'm starting to relate it to my meditation.

"I also feel more organized and plan my day better. Before, I wouldn't work at night at all in my home office. Now I seem to be more interested in getting on with projects I had left on the side, and use my time more creatively here and there.

"I also notice more creativity and clear thinking. I get ideas on how to do things diferently, like cooking new recipes, etc.

"Don't know if all this are results of meditation, because I also read self help books, but just wanted to share my recent experiences."

Bruno P.
San Diego, CA, USA

Produces Ease and Compassion

"As stress dissolves, I find myself increasingly at ease in situations that would have once left me devastated.

"At the same time, I find myself being pulled in the direction of others, to be more present to them, to be attentive to their needs, to ease their suffering.

"In short, out goes the stress, in comes compassion.

"I didn't start NSR for this reason. I thought it would be a good technique for relieving a lot of the stress of daily living. However, the longer I practice, the more I am finding that NSR is opening my heart. I take life at an easier pace...and get more done! I enjoy more of life, without having to seek pleasure. I sleep better, and wake with a smile.

"I am grateful for the ability to learn and practice something so simple and profound. When other people notice a difference in you, you know something genuine is happening."


"You know, I've always been a seeker. NSR has turned me into a finder. I am grateful to have an opportunity help others do the same. Thank you guys for starting this thing. There's no end to the good that can happen."

Greg H.
Alabama, USA

I Love My NSR

"I've been doing the meditations for a couple of weeks and I absolutely love it.

"I have tried other techniques in the past, and really struggled...

"With the NSR, I really look forward to the meditations, and love how I feel afterwards.

"I will now recommend NSR to anyone interested in improving their health and quality of life.


Syd D., DC
Ventura, CA, USA

Impressive Effect

"I am so impressed with just how significantly 'different' I feel after what seems like such a small amount of time...

"A couple of times now before my sessions I have been VERY busy & hectic & have thought 'oh this is going to be quite a task to calm myself down in only 15 minutes'. But sure enough - about half way through meditating I can feel my whole body just slowing right down. And then by the time I finish, I feel quite, quite different from when I started - very impressive - and surprisingly simple, too Happyface image."

Pru B.
Albury, NSW, Australia

Greater Ability To Function

"I've noticed that since committing to this practice an inner peace or calm has taken place. No longer am I stressed out, and my ability to function at work as well as in martial arts training has greatly improved. I've also noticed an immense sense of appreciation for things such as nature and communicating with others. Thanks a lot!"

Josh W.
San Diego, California

Headaches Highly Reduced

"I enjoy every meditation session. I feel less stressed, more balanced, less anxious, more able to focus and happier. Neck pain and headaches are highly reduced, even disappear during and after meditation. And I keep up with it, even look forward to every session, which never worked for me with [another form of meditation]."

Frederik C.
Gent, Belgium

NSR Helps at Work

"I completed session 6 this morning... It is strange how natural the feeling is. I don't feel any need to control life or others around me in order to maintain this peace...it is naturally occurring. I love that.

"Last night was a very stressful night on the job (I work as a field service engineer repairing complex machines). I was there with another engineer to do a simple maintenance procedure and when we were almost finished, faults started popping up everywhere and it looked like the machine would be down for the next day (it is a medical machine and therefore patients wouldn't get their treatment the next day....bad) so there was a lot of stress involved. My coworker was responding with a great deal of stress and anger while I was very calm and...well, happy. Later on he told me that he was really glad I was there because I was a calming influence on him. He said he had a lot of stress and anger issues to deal with...I did realize then that our calmness and happiness is very obvious to those without it and that tells me a lot about how I have been affected in the past 3 days.

"I have always been very calm and easy going on the outside, but on the inside I have had lots of stress that doesn't have an outlet...except through music and writing. Now I can't wait till next week and the week after because I know that the meditation has changed me for life."

Brad D.
Kingsport, TN, USA

NSR Makes Me Feel 15 Years Younger

"NSR has been very beneficial. I have certainly reaped the rewards of the practice. It reignited a spark of creativity that had lain dormant (or was suppressed by stress).

"Meditation has improved my ability to see contrast, subtle differences, a sharper perception of reality. This in turn has allowed me to identify opportunities for new methods, new products and practices. From a creative energy perspective it makes me feel 15 years younger.

"I can literally pinpoint the period the level to which I have been reenergised to--as a young engineer I was recognised as being very creative. It is amazing really. But--I am sure you are aware of these types of experiences :) .

"My biggest struggle is consistency in meditation and life style. Perhaps it goes hand in hand with the lifestyle in Ireland. But I think I am getting there. Certainly life is a vast improvement on pre NSR."

Name withheld by request

Fantastic Things Have Happened

"So many fantastic things have happened as a result of meditating everyday. I only wish I could convince my friends and family what a wonderful experience it is and how much it has changed my entire outlook on living (and I have only been meditating since January! [four months]). For the first time in my life I feel like each year will be better than the last, every experience more beautiful.

"I used to have a lot of social anxiety, I now can talk and interact with people much more easily. I am more open.

"I am a lot more self assured and confident.

"I used to suffer weekly bouts of extreme depression, something that has now completely vanished.

"I used to feel anxious and unsure of my future, I still feel this sometimes, but for the most part I have a sense that I just need to keep pushing forward and that I will get where I want to be.

"I have always been a very creative person, and I now find that I am more easygoing towards my projects. There is not much of the old frenetic energy I used to feel, which makes creating things more fun.

"I used to be very critical and am daily becoming more positive about everything.

"Overall, I feel more optimistic and have more conviction than doubt in my creative practice. There are days, and even weeks that I feel more like my old self but for the most part everything seems like it's getting better. In essence, I just don't take everything as seriously as I used to. It's like the effortlessness of meditation is becoming a part of how I live every day.

"How I wish someone had introduced me to this form of meditation as a teenager."

Elise (anonymous)

Bravo!!!! and Thanks!

"Your program is sensational!!!!!!--I have been using it for a little over a week, and have never had such easy and deep meditations!!!!!!----Bravo!!!!---and thanks."

Gary L.
North Hollywood, CA, USA

Sports: My Calm And More Powerful Self

"I just wanted to share a positive post about my improvement in my favourite sport Badminton. I've been practicing NSR since March 2007 and it has had a profound effect on all areas of my life, including my presence at my local Badminton club. I am not a very social person but I have noticed the effects first hand being one of the dominant players there. Both socially and in a way scientifically my calm and now more powerful self has made an impact on the whole badminton club experience for everyone. Due to my talent and clearly apparent development at club through NSR and of course regular exercise, I feel important to this small community of players. Members are pushing themselves harder and I feel profoundly significant that I am pushing them up further... In a quiet way I feel like a representative because I am having an influence, which people find curious, in a good way!"

Kerry W.
De Pere, WI, USA

Energy and Lightness: A Huge Advantage For Students

"I started the program just under one month ago, and I was convinced after 2 days that something different was going on here. I'd meditated before, and gotten good results at times, but never had hit that level where real transcendant energy was accessed. In the first session I got to that place, realized I'd never been there before, and laughed out loud as my mind stayed easily focused in a non-thought space and new energy just coursed through me. I just couldn't believe how easy it all was. Then after a few weeks I began to notice the effects in my daily life. It really has made the process of life fun--I can more easily place things in perspective in real time and act accordingly, rather than react from an emotional surface level to life's problems. Life hasn't changed, but the way I live it definitely has. I read in one of these testimonials that NSR made the person feel 'lighter'--I can't think of a better description of how I feel as I go about my day.

"I can only hope more people will take advantage of this--it's very exciting to think of all the problems in people's lives that NSR could make real progress in solving. Also, I'm very interested in the program aimed at children--the pressures children face all the way through college pile huge amounts of stress on them. Equipped with NSR as a coping and relaxation method, they could have a huge advantage going through their formative years, understanding themselves and their world better, and just being happier all around. Thank you so much for this!"

David W., Student,
University of Missouri/Columbia
Columbia, MO, USA

NSR Has Changed Our Lives

"I just wanted to take a minute and THANK you so much, your program has changed our lives. We (Michael and I) meditate faithfully twice daily. We did not realize how much stress we carried with us unknowingly. We have recommended your program to several friends."

Jennifer C.
Cromwell, CT, USA

Lower Blood Pressure, Improved Attitude Toward Life

"I've been doing NSR for 6 months now, and have found it very beneficial. Not only did it help to lower my BP along with lifestyle changes, but my attitude is so much better. There are days that I can't wait to get into my meditation, to get rid of stuff. I had been searching for this for many years. Thanks for putting NSR out there for everyone to benefit from."

Marianne P.
Brooklyn, WI, USA

Feeling Calm And Relaxed

"Even though I am on day 3 of this technique, I have already felt very calm and relaxed. I am not physically reacting in an anxious or frustrated way to people around me. It's early days but I believe this technique could be the winning ticket for me. I already have a great life but I knew I needed something to help repair the damage of old habits to allow me to fully open my heart and feel the love of my life
. . .
"A week down the line and the affects are still good. I have felt physicaly calm and cool. I lost my bank card and had a minor accident in my car last week but I felt fine, I actually laughed a bit! The baby and expectations at home have not got on top of me......Yes, things are still going well.

"Thank you for making the program so accessible to the masses. I hope to implement the technique to some of the special needs students I teach."

Stephen E.
New Zealand

Reduced Anxiety, Increased Energy

"Just a few things I've noticed since starting the NSR technique a few weeks back --

"For one, on doing the brief periodic inventories I've watched my total score go from the 50s, to the 30s, and now to the 20s by the end of my 3rd week. Wow! I feel SO much less stress now than when I started. Thank you.

"I've noticed, too, that I felt pretty 'stuck' mentally (probably from all of the accumulated stress and anxiety) for years; over the past couple of weeks I feel like my mind has awakened again, and I'm reading much more than I have in years, and find myself interested in many different subjects (I always have been, but simply haven't had the energy to pursue them for some time -- now, I do).

"I'm also finding myself becoming more discriminating in terms of what I allow into my head (i.e., what I watch on TV, if at all) and my body (I think I'm on the brink of giving up both coffee and cigarettes ... if I needed stress reduction before, I'll CERTAINLY need it when I try that, LOL).

"I continue to be amazed at the changes/benefits. Again, Wow! Thanks."

Chuck M.
Mahnomen, MN, USA

Better Coping With Stressors

"Just have to say that even though I have only been practicing the NSR technique for approximately a week so far I have seen HUGE benefits in my work life.

"Previously I had been stressed to the max with my work duties to the point that I was practically having panic attacks on a daily basis and of course those only decreased my ability to cope with the stressors I was under. Now I am able to get through my day with drastically less stress than I was feeling before. Nothing at work itself has changed, but I am just coping better and dealing with it instead of feeling like it is too much and wanting to simply run away from it all. Hope it continues. B*) Thanks!"


Feeling Lighter

"Last night I tried to explain to my wife how I feek now. 'Lighter' was the first word that came to mind. I feel lighter.

"I also feel as if I've somehow taken a brush and scrubbed my brain. My thoughts are much more clear. It's truly amazing. I have fibromyalgia and 'brain fog' has bothered me more than the pain but for the first time in years brain fog isn't a big issue.

"Thank you, sincerely, for making NSR available. It is changing the quality of my life."


Getting Along Better With Others

"There are great moments of peace and love to all, I have none of the character issues that I used to have in the past in regards to judging others. I have good relations now with people that used to push my buttons and send me off in to some preprogrammed behavior, this has obviously been a very good change for me."

Robert P.
Morganton, NC, USA

Tears of Joy and Bliss

"I want to thank you SO much for your absoutely wonderful NSR manual and audio.

"My very first session, after about 15 minutes I found a space of bliss--Right before this I was feeling a lot of pain and some very dark thoughts and memories were coming up...along with intense tightness and pain in my shoulders and upper back. Then, spontaneously, I imagined myself picking up that pain as a layer (pain, thought, judgment) and looking under it--When I did this I imagined and felt a light come out from under the pain and I felt it as joy and bliss--This is when the tears came and the bliss came--the tears just poured out and I smiled and smiled. How wonderful--:)

"I am so thankful to have found NSR---I have always wanted to formally learn TM [Transcendental Meditation®], but it is just so expensive that I was turned off-------Now, after finding NSR, I feel as if I am finally waking up and getting my power back--and so simply :) And, I feel strongly inspired to continue the practice, learn from your forum and someday share it with others. I am so utterly grateful and look forward to future contact.

"I must also say that my amazing results are continuing- Remember my telling you that I had a sort of vision my first session of lifting my bind mind as a layer and that being my release point where I felt awareness----saw light? Well, it seems the visions, so far, always preceed the release for me--I have done 4 sessions and with each, a vision and then a release. The last time it was simply my arm/hand pushing away a raft and it gliding out onto still water----drifting away, then a wash of peace, blissful emptiness. I am amazed that after everything I have tried to realize that all the methods were, I believe way too complicated-- -Or maybe it is that the student is just now ready. I feel I understand more than I can even express in words and I trust that intuition. What a gift!"

Jennifer J.
San Francisco, CA, USA

Energy, Better Sleep; Truly Amazed

"I am truly amazed at how something so elegant and simple to do can be so deeply healing. I feel "in touch" within myself in ways that I remember but haven't experienced for a long long time. I look forward to my time doing the technique [early morning before I swim] and in the evening before dinner. My mind starts to do the mantra without my effort, then my body relaxes and I get this sense of energy pulsing through me along with this humming/buzzing sound sensation like cicadas and katydids in the heat of summer in the midwest. I think it is my brain singing to me.

"I am sleeping more deeply and seem to have more energy as well. In addition, my anger and frustration at daily events in my life has lessened by about 80%. I take things more in stride, am more calm, and lighter with a sense of perspective and humor about things. When I am in the middle of a busy day, I know I will have that time for me when I get home. It is very deeply nourishing and healing. And, this is just the second week so I can only imagine how much it will improve as time goes on. I am so glad I took the chance and ordered the CD and the book. It is really really helping me."

[About one year later] "Feel the same now as I did then...only more so."

Mary W.
Cambridge, MA, USA