Price List

The Learn NSR Package Price (U.S. Dollars)
The Learn NSR Package consists of a manual, audio CD, and four email consultations (all in English). This is the recommended way to learn NSR.

Note: it is highly recommended that clients use their email consultations, so that all questions about experiences can be answered. This ensures long term success with the technique.

Note: You can also purchase the learning materials as downloadable files for $25.00 at the Istituto Scientia NSR Website. However, learning using the printed manual and the audio CD is recommended because of the ease of using the hardcopy materials. Also, downloaded materials orders do not include any prepaid support.
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Research Paper 1: Pilot Study Price (U.S. Dollars)
Our first published research paper, Effects of Natural Stress Relief Meditation on Trait Anxiety: A Pilot Study, Fabrizio Coppola, Istituto Scientia, in Psychological Reports, August, 2007, vol. 101, pages 130-134. $125.00 (this price can vary, because it depends on our supply)
(We have very few left; please try to order directly from the publisher.)

Research Paper 2: Lower anxiety, higher self-actualization Price (U.S. Dollars)
Our second published research paper, Natural stress relief meditation as a tool for reducing anxiety and increasing self-actualization, Fabrizio Coppola, PhD, and David Spector, in Social Behavior and Personality: an International Journal, May, 2009, 37(3), pages 307-312. $1.50 (this price can vary, because it depends on our supply)

Support Services (Consultations)Price (U.S. Dollars)
Email Support (per set of questions submitted) $4.00
First Class Postal Mail Support (per reply) $4.00
Telephone, Skype, or Zoom Voice Consultations $12.00 for each 15-50 minute call