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Effective July 1, 2021, EU member states are collecting value added tax (VAT) for all goods entering the EU. You may be contacted by government officials to collect VAT, duties, and fees. In the future we may need to raise the additional charge for international orders, or for orders to specific countries, to prevent our clients from being contacted in this way.

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Photo of a smiling businessman (stock photo © Andres Rodriguez)
"I laughed out loud as my mind stayed easily in a non-thought space and new energy just coursed through me. I just couldn't believe how easy it all was. It really has made life fun. I can only hope more people will take advantage of this--it's very exciting to think of all the problems in people's lives that NSR could make real progress in solving."  —D.W., USA

"This seems to be one of the few things to actually live up to the appellation 'life-changing'."  —J.D., Ireland

Photo of spiral-bound manual and CD Our recommended package for learning NSR is available by mail for $47.00. The Learn NSR Package consists of a manual, audio CD, and four email consultations (all in English).

If you would like to learn NSR and enjoy a life free from the accumulation of stress, in which peace and self-fulfillment come about naturally, please complete the following form and we will mail you our six-lesson, 50 page NSR Manual which will guide you in learning and enjoying this simple and effortless technique.

This order form can also be used to order other items and services, all of which are described in our price list.

We ask a great deal of information in this order form, so that we can give you better service and support (we do not send you spam or misuse your private information). If you find the questions bothersome, feel free to leave them blank. We will contact you if you omit any really necessary information.

We require that you provide a permanent, personal email address that you check often. We use it only when necessary, such as when errors in your order information prevent our being able to complete your order. Being able to contact you in private by email when we need to helps us keep our prices low and provide you with fast service, free of marketing or advertising.

All information you give us is kept strictly private. We will never sell or reveal any client information, including email addresses. All client data is stored in a location that is not accessible from the Internet. We never process or store any of your financial data (a separate, secure website handles this using safe encryption). We assign you a private client identification number that you can use in future correspondence or orders for convenience and safety.

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