Every student, whether teenager, young adult, or adult, needs freedom from distractions to succeed at studies in school. What is fundamentally needed is a peaceful place of study and the ability to focus attention on the subject at hand.

Whether we look at external factors, such as environmental noise, or internal factors, such as unwanted thoughts, a quiet and organized mind is the basis for successful study.

For the teacher, inner quiet and organization serves as the basis for patience, competence, and inspiration.

Most educational environments focus only on educational methodology and content. What has been missing is some way to improve students as receivers and creators of knowledge, and some way to improve teachers as effective leaders and collaborators in learning.

Natural Stress Relief (NSR) is an exciting addition to any educational program because it provides just this missing piece: a quiet and organized mind.

By revealing the source of unwanted and distracting thoughts in the stored stresses in our nervous systems, and by providing a simple mental technique for providing deep enough rest to dissolve these stresses, NSR provides a simple path from where we are to a state highly receptive of education in which distracting thoughts are reduced because stress is reduced.

All that is needed is learning six short lessons that guide us to being able to experience deep inner silence at will, only fifteen minutes twice a day. It is easy and natural. The practice of NSR is effortless, too, because it makes use of the natural tendency of the mind to seek a field of greater enjoyment. Practicing NSR is as charming as listening to one's favorite music.

Whether NSR is learned by students and teachers individually, or whether it is systematically learned by all the students, teachers, and staff at an institution, the possibilities for individual and group achievement are enormous.

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