Frequently Asked Questions About
The Natural Stress Relief© Technique

Q: What do you think of Transcendental Meditation®? Read answer...
A: We think that TM® is great as a technique to reduce stress and improve life, and that at least one of its advanced programs (the TM-Sidhi program) is marvelous for personal growth (see www.tm.org to learn about TM® at its main website; see also our page about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).

However, TM® has a number of unreasonable and unnecessary policies and behaviors that alienate many people. It is our great joy to offer NSR© as an alternative to Transcendental Meditation with which everyone can feel comfortable. Read more...

Ways in which TM® alienates people:
  • The organization has an elitist attitude which restricts many of its programs to wealthy people by, for example, charging a course fee of $1500 (USA, adult fee).
  • Its leadership makes inconsistent and irrational policy decisions such as prohibiting the teaching of TM® in Great Britain (and only there) from May, 2005 until July, 2007 because they "re-elected Tony Blair as Prime Minister and thereby perpetuated the destructive policy of Britain in the world, including its leading role in the war in Iraq."
  • It is drenched in a rigid and unproven mysticism, as demonstrated by advocating the rebuilding of all buildings whose entrances do not face exactly toward true east or true north (see the detailed building construction rules advocated by the TM® organizations), by its promotion of astrology as a science, and by Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology, its $900 (initial fee per disorder) program to bring "instant relief" for any in a long list of medical disorders through an "expert" whispering Vedic words to him or herself.
  • Its organizations spend money on extravagant and impractical world-level projects such as undertaking the building of so-called Towers of Invincibility in 48 countries [Towers of Invincibility] [Artist's conception] and fruitless projects to interest world governments in subsidizing high-priced TM® instruction for their populations [Government projects] instead of making TM® more accessible and down-to-earth so everyone will want to learn it.
  • Much of the current TM® activity centers inward on its Global Country of World Peace [U.S. Peace Government] headed by "Rajas" (kings) who frequently wear white robes and golden crowns Physicist John Hagelin wearing his white robe and golden crown Rajas (kings) wearing white robes and golden crowns and who are reluctant to make sufficient changes to their policies to make TM® appealing to the entire world population.